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UPDATED: Making Sense about Schelotto

January 8, 2008

Steve Goff brings some much needed sense to the Schelotto situation:

The latest on the Guillermo Barros Schelotto saga:

From what I have been told by those familiar with the delicate situation, Schelotto enjoys living and playing in Columbus and wants to return to the Crew this season.


He believes he was misled about the terms of the contract that he signed last year and was under the impression he would become a free agent after the 2007 season. According to the fine print, he is not. If, at the time of the signing, he had been aware of the option held by the Crew for this coming season, he probably would not have joined MLS. There are other smaller issues, I’m told, but that is the big one.

He is not upset with the Crew. Rather, he feels an intermediary who handled his acquisition on behalf of MLS misled him. Both Columbus and Schelotto’s representatives are attempting to remedy the situation.

So will he return to the Crew this season? One source tells me it is 50-50.

I have followed along with the Schelotto situation since the rumblings of discontent started happening in November. Schelotto had said repeatedly throughout the season that he was happy with life in Columbus and was enjoying his time with the team. It was a shock to start hearing how he was unhappy with life in Columbus. These reports originated from news and tabloid reports out of Argentina, so it was difficult to judge how accurate these new reports were. I now have a grasp of the situation with this most recent update. Schelotto had bad information and was expecting to be a free agent. This certainly explains the situation better than any of the rumors I have heard until now. He should still be under contract with the Crew. As a season ticket holder, I sure hope he is back. The Crew will be unwatchable without him.

UPDATE: Sigi Schmid has confirmed that Schelotto is expected back in 2008. Sigi left a small amount of wiggle room by saying “If that’s something that he wants to do then that’s something he has earned the right to do,”. I am certainly breathing a sigh of relief.

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