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New US Jerseys

January 31, 2008

As I suspected, the U.S. National Team unveiled a new home jersey today. The jerseys will be worn for the first time for the U.S. v. Mexico game. The reactions I have read have been mixed aushomejersey0809t best. Most seeing the design as too “business casual”. Drawing the most complaints is the ever changing designs that Nike and the U.S. Soccer Federation come out with. I mildly disagree with both sentiments. I like the simple style of the new jersey. I am not crazy about the horizontal lines, but I do like the alternating gray and white hoops. The U.S. kit has been focused on a white jerseys and blue shorts for a while. I think that the team should stick to that look as much as possible. It very easily could become the look for the team. The shirts may change styles but will remain a white and blue combination. After a few iterations that would be the look of the national team.

I am also a little late on the sneak peak of the away jersey. It is a bold navy blue shirt with red trim. Football Shirt Culture has (last month’s) scoop.

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