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Buildup: U.S. v. Mexico

February 6, 2008

This year’s contest is featuring media hype from all angles. The two titans of CONCACAF face off for the third time in a year. The U.S. has dominated the series on American soil.

Something seems different this time. Mexico comes to Houston the underdog. They are not boasting about the difference in class between the two squads. This is a new Mexican team. Their old guard is leaving the scene and a new golden generation is arriving. Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, strikers Giovani Dos Santos and Carlos Vela, and injured winger Andrés Guardado all have tremendous skill, but are still unproven against the Americans.

The U.S. brings it’s own budding future stars, but tomorrow’s game seems like the perfect time for a coming out party for the young Mexican stars. I see a 2-0 loss tomorrow. I won’t be terribly disappointed with a loss. The real games versus Mexico start next year in World Cup Qualifying. Either way, tomorrow nights game will probably provide the entertainment that a heated rivalry sparks.

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