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Crew 1 – Metapan 0

March 24, 2008

I finally got a good look at the 2008 Columbus Crew. The team looked a little like last year’s edition. There was good possession and numerous shots, but only one goal. Robbie Rogers threatened on the wings, tormenting the back line. He made numerous forays into the attacking third. The Marshall and O’Rourke pairing looks good. Marshall commands the back line and O’Rourke covers ground and passes well out of the back. An on form Robbie Rogers and a solid defense paired with Eddie Gaven and the skillful Schelotto hopefully will bring a better attack, but it still looks like the team in need of a finisher.

Parts of the team looked unfinished. Adam Moffat showed well pressing forward into the attack, but did not connect with the rest of the midfield or forwards as well. Brian Carroll managed the defense from his midfield spot , but faded out of the game at times. Possession tended to flow through the wings. Moreno and Hernandez did not finish well and had difficulty holding possession. Brad Evans also was a step below Gaven on the wings; not creating much in the way of offense except a header that rang off the crossbar.

It was just a preseason game, but it is still troubling to see what looks to be the Crew of old. New pickup, Guillerme So looked exciting on the ball in limited time, the defense looks composed, the team created many chances, but the finishing was subpar. The season starts next week versus Toronto. I hope to see a team kick off the season with a couple goals and a win.


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