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O’Rourke: More Question than an Answer

April 8, 2008

The first two games has shown that Danny O’Rourke probably is not ready for a starting role in the heart of the defense. I was not expecting Marcos Gonzalez, but I wanted to see more. He lacks the skillfulness that a defender needs; he plays with a reckless abandon. The Crew need a steady performer that can work well with Marshall, not someone who has given up two penalties through two games.

I am not sure if Coach Schmid will make a swap at center back with Gino Padula looking to get the starting roll at left back, but the Crew have a few options if they want to make a switch. Andy Iro is big, but raw. I had a chance to watch him versus UAB. He was not pressured really throughout the game, but he seemed a little slow in his decision making. Against a quick forward like Galindo or a craft vet like Razov, that can result in a foul in a dangerous position. Ezra Hendrickson is the veteran option on the bench. He has lost quickness over the years, but still plays a solid game most of the time. He just does not look good doing it. Another option I thought about was Stefani Miglioranzi. He has played center back. He did so against CSD Municipal in 2006 if I recall correctly, but his defending against wing players was not the best last year and it is probably too much to expect for him to move to a central role.

I expect to see O’Rourke given at least another week. I think Coach Schmid will be reluctant to change the team too much with Padula coming in. If there is any change then I would expect to see Hendrickson in the lineup. I believe Iro is a little too raw to be starting. I also believe Coach Schmid values Ezra’s experience at this time rather than Iro’s potential.

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