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Game 3 – Grades

April 13, 2008

Hesmer – 6: Played pretty well. His distribution was geared towards the long ball. Was not at fault for the first goal and was let down by the defense on the second and third goals. May have been able to do more on the third goal.

Padula – 6: His defense was a little shaky at times, but got stronger as the game went on. His passing was very good throughout the game. He certainly showed some rust, but I have high hopes he may be the starting left back on this team for a long time.

O’Rourke – 7: His defense was solid, but his passing was superior. He marked Galindo well when he came in in the second half. I hope his positioning continues to improve, but his distribution was good. His long pass to Rogers was a beautiful one. It may have been a little lucky to get there, but it was nice that he saw that option.

Marshall – 6: He had a quiet game. He was partially responsible for the 2nd and 3rd goals. His distribution was a little lacking, and he continues to work on his organization skills. His job was made easier by the strong midfield play.

Hejduk – 7: He played well shutting down the wings of Chivas. He also ran well all night as usual. His passing was solid and overlapped with Gaven several times. He was not required to be a focal point of the offense.

Rogers – 9: His performance was dominant. He was a constant threat all game and could have had a couple more goals. He made the right runs all game and worked well on defense. He adjusted after his first couple of shots were stopped and made the next two count. His long shot

Moffat – 7: Quietly put in a good night. He launched a great shot that was just kicked wide by Guzan. He also linked well with Carroll and the offense. His defensive pressure held the Chivas offense in check for most of the game. He needed to react a little quicker on the the third goal to close down Nagamura.

Carroll – 8: Played very well. He played end to end and got involved in the offense much more than last week. He controlled the central midfield and setup the first goal with his quick passing. He was ever present in the midfield and linked up the defense and offense. This was the role he was brought in to play. Was a little high on the second goal, allowing for Marsch to get behind the defense.

Gaven – 7: Overshadowed by Rogers, but he put in a very good effort. He attacked on the right side all night. He is showing some good on the ball skill and he drove into the penalty area to setup a corner kick.

Schelotto – 9: He was doing all of the things the team needed him to do. He took the penalty kick. His passing was perfect all night setting up one goal directly and having a hand in two others. He also had a unique ability to get in the heads of the Chivas players. His corner kicks were a little uneven. I am not sure how much more he could have done.

Moreno – 8: He put in another workman like performance. He drew a number of fouls, passed well throughout the match and ran all game long. He may not be the most talented, but he puts in the work on and off the field. His goal tonight was a classic finish. His shooting improved greatly over last year; I imagined he put in many hours working on that in the off season. I have a very good feeling about his season.

Crew Man of the Match – Schelotto – This was tough decision, but Schelotto did everything the team needed. He even worked on the defensive end a little. On any other night Rogers wins this one easily. I am even second guessing this choice right now.

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