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April 16, 2008

Last Saturday’s low attendance has been discussed a couple of different places. I guess I can add my two cents about the topic. I have a couple of stories that exemplify some of the problems the Crew have.

Firstly, the weather was certainly a factor. It was cold, damp, with a gusty winds. I had hoped to bring a couple more people, but they dropped out at the last minute. I may get them to go later in the season, but not a night like last Saturday.

Second, I was wearing my Crew polo at work and one of my coworkers asked when the season started. He has been to a couple of games before so he is one of the many casual fans the Crew needs. Unfortunately, this conversation was last Friday, the day before the Chivas USA game.

This team is not at the forefront of Columbus sports right now. It is a shame as the team may be a better than expected this year. It will take time to attract some of those casual fans back and it may not happen this year. The front office is going about it the right way. They have reached out to the supporters and the supporters have responded. Nordeke, the Crew supporters section, is a joy to behold. There is an atmosphere at the games that has been lacking. I am excited when I think of a full corner of supporters in a packed stadium.

Perhaps this will be the bottom that the team rises from.

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