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Game 4 – Grades

April 19, 2008

Grades after the jump.

Hesmer – 7: He was solid all night; the goal was off of a deflection. He had trouble with a cross in the second half and played very direct on his kicks (perhaps that was a coaching decision). It was very solid game

Padula – 7: Showed some jitters and Fred got the better of him a couple of times. He left Namoff open on the D.C. goal as he shifted to the center to converge on the ball. His passing was very good and he connected well with the midfield and also sent some timely balls toward the forwards.

O’Rourke – 7: Settling in better. His passing was pretty solid and did not foul as much as previous games. His yellow card still shows a little roughness to his game, but I am trying to be optimistic.

Marshall – 7: Key part of the defense that really shut down Emilio and Jaime Moreno. He can be a little inconsistent, but is starting to command the center of the defense with his size and skill.

Hejduk – 8: This was a classic performance. His tackling was timely and his passing was very good. His assist was far enough away to freeze Wells, and his long ball sprung Moffat to setup the second goal. He is a tireless performer, but put all his skills on display tonight.

Rogers – 7: Seemed a step slow all night; fifth hand Big Soccer rumor has it he was a little sick. He did get into dangerous positions all night. I think he is building a good relationship with Schelotto playing a nice one-two just before the first goal, he needs to pick his head up as he is very much in shoot first mode.  He missed a wide open Schelotto early in the first half. Subbed at the 90th minute for Hendrickson.

Moffat – 7: The own goal was unfortunate, but he came right back to setup the own goal. He was tireless in the midfield and is forming a very good partnership with Carroll. Subbed at the 85th minute for Miglioranzi.

Carroll – 8: He quietly put in a very good performance in his homecoming. His passing was the best I have seen all year and he also broke up a couple of United counterattacks. He and Moffat give Schelotto the cover to operate.

Gaven – 6: Put in a lot of work on the defensive end, but did not transition to the offense very well. He had a few runs into the offensive end, but ultimately a little disappointing on the night. Subbed at the 62nd minute for Evans.

Schelotto – 8: He is escalating his game and it is showing on this team. His pass to Hejduk was perfect. He was a threat on offense and also assisted Moreno in breaking the offensive pressure of D.C. in the second half. He is exciting to watch in his free role.

Moreno – 8: He is a tireless worker and is showing his skillset as a grind it out forward. He was responsible for two goals as he pressured Peralta on the own goal. His work rate in the second half killed off the game. He was alone as the rest of the team bunkered and outworked the two or three defenders back to get to pass after pass. It is amazing to see the work that he puts in.

Evans – 6: Came in for Gaven in the 62 minute. Had no offensive responsibility as the Crew were compact defensively when he came it. I did not notice he was out there and only had a couple of touches.

Miglioranzi – NR: Came on for Moffat in the 85th minute. Has a couple of touches and injected some energy into the heart of the defense.

Hendrickson – NR: Came on for Rogers in the 90th minute. Played on the wing for stoppage time.

Crew Man of the Match – Moreno – Again, this was another tough decision. He was key on both goals and effectively sealed the win in the second half with his effort as the sole offensive outlet.

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  1. Big Bob permalink
    April 19, 2008 7:22 pm

    Fair ratings though I think Frankie gets the MOTM in a very close decsion simply because he willed the defense to victory.

  2. April 19, 2008 7:40 pm

    Big Bob,

    Frankie played like a man possessed. He played the best all around game I have seen all season. I thought about him as Man of the Match and still think it was very close. I know I will see the same attitude and work rate game after game.

  3. DGA57 permalink
    April 20, 2008 11:56 pm

    I think your ratings reflect more on a 5-0 trashing than the reality of a 2-1 win where we had maybe 3-4 good chances all night long. Padula was a 5 tops getting beaten at least twice by Fred and leaving Namoff wide open for the DC goal. Rogers also was a 5 tops by not feeding GBS in the 5th minute and then playing “slow” most of the game. To put Marshall and O’Rourke with the same ranking smells funny with many giving Marshall MOTM considerations while Danny was, well, Danny.

    GBS, Moreno, Marshall – 8
    Hejduk, Moffat, Carroll – 7
    Gaven, Hesmer, O’Rourke – 6
    Padula, Rogers – 5

  4. April 21, 2008 12:13 am


    I can see where you are coming from. I guess in some ways it felt like a 5-0 win at the time given the history the Crew has at RFK. I be the first to admit I am a little bit new to the ratings game. I can certainly see your points and I may have been a bit generous due to fandom you know. I guess I am more prone to grading on a bit of a curve. I felt Rogers did have a bit of an off night and was a little high on him. I must admit I must have missed some of the great work that Marshall put in. I certainly appreciate the feedback, thanks.

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