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Sigi Schmid, CPA

April 24, 2008

An article in today’s Columbus Dispatch examines Crew head coach Sigi Schmid as he looks for win 100. One thing struck me about the brief profile, he takes a “details” approach to coaching. Alejandro Moreno had this quote about Schmid:

“He is still pretty much the same guy, though. He likes his meetings. He likes his videos. He likes making sure he has every detail covered. Sometimes for the players, that’s a bit overwhelming, but it’s a lot of good information and if you can digest it, it’s going to help you prepare for the game.”

This may partly explain some of the problems the Crew have had over the past couple of year. It sounds like the game preparation can be overwhelming, especially for younger players. The Crew have had a wealth of young talent that is only now starting to adapt to life in MLS, including Sigi’s cerebral coaching style.

The team has looked well prepared and is getting results, save the disastrous showing in New York. If the team has turned the corner, I think that the extra preparation edge that Coach Schmid provides will help turn those close games to the Crew’s favor this year.

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