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Game 5 – Grades

April 27, 2008

Sorry for the delay, the celebratory nightcaps a Ruby Tuesday’s just proves that I am not a young as I used to be. Grades below after the jump.

Hesmer – 7: A solid game and handled the Houston set pieces pretty well. He had a few bobbles that created openings for Houston; it seems that all of the ‘keepers are having some problems with the new ball. He also played a lot of long ball. His late save was magnificent. Overall a pretty good game from him.

Padula – 6: His offense is still ahead of his defense. He had a couple of great shots at goal and his passing was solid as usual. His defense is still a concern as he gives up a couple of opportunities and gave away a couple of dangerous free kicks. Subbed for Hendrickson in the 66th minute due to injury. He will have an MRI on Monday.

O’Rourke – 7: Another up and down game, mostly up. He did not give up as many fouls and played heads up defense most of the night. His play on the Ching breakout was great reaction and a fine piece of defending to block out Ching and allow Hesmer to jump on the ball.

Marshall – 8: Great game. He was the backbone of the defense all night. He struggles a little with distribution, but he was in position and won almost every ball flighted in the box. I love watching his development.

Hejduk – 7: Tireless effort as usual. Houston really attacked down the right side with success and his tackles were off. He gave up a couple of dangerous free kicks early. His passing was a weakness allowing Houston to build pressure. His effort at the end of the game was key to securing the victory.

Rogers – 6: He had a few offensive chances but had a few defensive miscues. He left his mark on a free kick allowing Ching a direct look at goal. His defense on the wing allowed Brad Davis quite a bit of room to work.

Moffat – 6: Played a decent two way game, but did not get as involved in the offense as much. He also was not able to get the passing game working. Was able to quiet down DeRosario and the

Carroll – 7: It was a quiet, workman like performance from Carroll. His passing was not as crisp, but his defense closed down the middle of the field. DeRosario was quiet all night due to his work.

Gaven – 6: Had a more active game this week. He is still playing solid defense and it showed as Houston moved to the right side to attack. He was involved in a couple off attacks. Looks best when he drives at people. Subbed out in the 83rd minute for Evans.

Schelotto – 7: His corner kicks were dangerous all game. The Crew could have been up by three if the headers off of his corners were placed a foot left or right. His field play was not as active as Clark was able to neutralize him to some extent.

Moreno – 7: Did not have his usual game as the back line played more directly. He just seems to find ways to score. He was also on the end of a couple of Schelotto’s corners. It was another workman like performance.

Hendrickson – 5: Came on for Padula in the 66th minute. Slow and played out of position at left back. The left side opened up for Houston when he came in.

Evans – NR: Came on for Gaven in the 83rd minute. Brought in for fresh legs. He really did not have time to make an impact on the game.

Iro – NR: Came on for Schelotto in the 90th minute. He was able to do what he was asked to do, get his head on the long balls Houston played forward.

Crew Man of the Match – Marshall – He solidified the heart of the defense and really shut down Ching and Carrachio. I would not be surprised to see him called into National Team camp for the upcoming friendly matches.

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