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Game 6 – Grades

May 4, 2008

A good game leads to some good grades.

Hesmer – 7: Another good game from William. He made the saves he needed to and did not really give up any rebounds. His distribution was solid and he is settling in well in front of a solid defense.

Hendrickson – 6: Yes, he’s slow and was beat off the dribble, but he also showed some passing ability and is solid in the air. He is great for a spot start and veteran presence.

O’Rourke – 7: A solid performance from O’Rourke. He is starting to gain some awareness on the field and is using his speed to his advantage. He was unfortunate on the penalty call.

Marshall – 8: Another monster game from Marshall. He is never seems to be caught out of position and is commanding the defense. He has really elevated his game.

Hejduk – 7: Tireless on defense and offense. His dogged pursuit lead to the K.C. red card. He has to slow down sometime, but it doesn’t look like that will be anytime soon.

Rogers – 7: Scored a goal with his speed and awareness. He puts himself in great offensive position and I saw a couple of times that he continues to build a relationship with Schelotto. Only one issue with his performance, he needs to work on his finishing.

Moffat – 7: Played very well in his usual two way role and picked up a goal with a header. The Crew possession broke down more in his absence. Subbed for Ekpo in the 54th minute due to injury.

Carroll – 7: Puts in a quiet 90 minutes week after week. He connected on quite a few of his passes and disrupted several K.C. attacks. He does his job behind the scenes and the team would not be near as good without him.

Gaven – 6: He showed a little bit more on offense, but still looks out of sync with the rest of the offense. He also seems to be tasked with more defensive responsibility to cover for Hejduk’s offensive runs. Another solid performance, I just keep expecting to see that extra gear he has. Subbed in the 73rd minute for Brad Evans

Schelotto – 7: He did not show great flair, but he made several outstanding passes and also got several great looks on goal. He put in a lot of work coordinating the Crew attack. Subbed in the 86th minute for Nicolas Hernandez

Moreno – 7: Marked out of the game by Conrad, but still got a couple of good looks on goal. He almost poached a goal off of a headed back pass. He continues to work as hard as he can no matter the situation. His overhead kick led to Rogers goal.

Ekpo – 6: Came in for Moffat in the 54th minute. Showed some great skill on the ball, but also showed a lack of awareness with some of his decision making. He also did not control the midfield as well as Moffat

Evans – 5: Came in for Gaven in the 73rd minute. Had a couple of good runs, but was very ineffective for the most part. His foul in the 90th minute was a stunningly bad play. I am not sure what positives he provides.

Hernandez – 5: Came in for Schelotto in the 86th minute. Provided energy into the lineup and showed off some of his skill, but had some bad decisions by trying to press for a goal late rather than killing off the clock.

Crew Man of the Match – Marshall – He is playing at such a high level. I heard a rumor that Bob Bradley was in town to watch the game. I would not be surprised that Marshall was at the top of his scouting list.

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