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Game 7 – Grades

May 12, 2008

Hesmer – 7: Both goals were not his fault. He performed admirably when called upon. He still played very direct with his distribution.

Hendrickson – 6: Had a several chances at goal throughout the night. He is slow and gets beat off the dribble, but his defense was solid.

O’Rourke – 6: More of a down game from O’Rourke. His clearances fell to San Jose players a little too often. He did not read the game as well as in the past.

Marshall – 7: Played another good game. He anticipated the game well and He took some hits, including a late shot to the chin from Ezra’s head. Hopefully, he is ok.

Hejduk – 7: He is showing his veteran presence. His defense was good, he passed well, and he had a great lob at goal. He is just amazing.

Rogers – 8: He was uninvolved for stretches, but made the most opportunities. Used his speed to break San Jose. It was breathtaking to watch him get behind the defense and bag a couple of goals.

Miglioranzi – 6: Did not have time to integrate himself in to the midfield. He did have a nice idea to lob the keeper, but the execution was lacking. Subbed due to injury for Evans in the 31st minute.

Carroll – 7: Consistently solid, doesn’t foul, always in position. He was beaten on the first San Jose goal, but really controlled the midfield. His pass sprung Ekpo into space allowing him to find Rogers for the first goal.

Gaven – 6: Involved in the game, but seems to be lacking vision on the offensive end. He just seems distracted. He looks for the easy pass first and just seems to be a step behind the rest of the offense.

Schelotto – 8: He was involved all game. His pass for Evans split the defense was the usual brilliance. His corners were well taken for the most part, but I think a little more variance was needed. I liked that he was pressuring the ‘keeper and was counting out how long the ‘keeper was holding the ball. He will press for every advantage.

Moreno – 7: Marked out of the game, but still had a few chances because of his hustle and workrate. The goals may not be coming, but it is not for a lack of effort. The Moreno to Rogers connection may become even better than the Schelotto to Rogers pairing. He had his second assist in two games to the speedy winger.

Evans – 7: Came in for Miglioranzi in the 31st minute. Evans played pretty well in the center of the midfield. His passes were on target and he helped Carroll control the game. His goal was well taken off of a great run. He also got on the end of a couple of crosses to launch some dangerous headers. This was a different performance than what I have seen from him in reserve matches.

Ekpo – 7: Came in for Eddie Gaven in the 69th minute. Showed his tremendous vision and skill and made a difference as soon as he came on the field. He is more impressive as he learns how the team plays and brings his skills to bear.

Iro – NR: Came on for Hendrickson in stoppage time. He was on the field for about a minute.

Crew Man of the Match – Rogers – Made the most of his opportunities to spur the Crew to victory.

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