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Week 7 Power Rankings

May 14, 2008

1. Columbus – Waited almost until the last quarter of the game to start scoring in San Jose. Rogers came up as the hero of the week. They will need probably more than one in a tough match up in Toronto. (Last week: 1)

2. Chicago – That defense is very good, the offense not quite there yet. It may not matter with Blanco pulling the strings and firing off 30 yard strikes. (Last week: 2)

3. New York – A sleeping giant is waking up for the Red Bulls as Angel had a very good game, capping it off with a game winning goal. (last week: 4)

4. New England – Looked pretty good going to the west coast and adding to Chivas’s misery. Ralston and Twellman could not come back soon enough. (last week: 6)

5. Toronto FC – They should be well rested after the bye week for the Crew coming to town. (last week: 5)

6. Colorado – Lost out to a tough Houston team on an unfortunate (but very deserved) penalty. Christian Gomez looks very good running the offense for the Rapids. I think I rated them too high last week. (last week: 3)

7. Kansas City – Still in search of offense as they go on the road to New York. Lopez has to start playing better. (last week: 8 )

8. FC Dallas – Another uneven western conference team. You would expect they should be able to score with Cooper, Toja, Alvarez, and company, but something is not right at PHP. (last week: 7)

9. Real Salt Lake – This team seems to play well at home on their turf. I would hope they would, they are approaching a Fulham like hopelessness on the road, well the Fulham of earlier this year. (last week: 11)

10. Los Angeles – Shutting down Donovan and Beckham can be done. On the plus side they have Alan Gordon, that’s a plus right? (last week: 9)

11. Houston – DeRosario and Ching scored and they won. Houston fans have to hope that those two start scoring like in years previous. (last week: 13)

12. San Jose – They showed a couple of things against the Crew, the defense is pretty good, Ronnie O’Brien still has some skill, and they have Kei Kamara. Kei does not look that good on offense and he does not show any class on the field either. (last week: 12)

13. DC United – Wow, this team should not be this bad. Neill and Peralta are not as good as hoped. Gallardo is not adjusting very well. And what is wrong with (now designated player) Emilio. They need to turn it around soon, the east is too good to sleep walk for this long. (last week: 10)

14. Chivas – Carey Talley is not your savior. (last week: 14)

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