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Stuck in the Middle

May 15, 2008

Shawn Mitchell solved the riddle of who will start in the central midfield for the Crew this week. This was really a debate between a very exciting Emmanuel Ekpo and a bright spot from last week, Brad Evans. Coach Schmid has settled on Evans to start, but some of the discussions amongst fans I have read have been suggesting Eddie Gaven move to the center. It is an interesting idea, but I am not sure how that would work.

Looking to last year, he seemed to play better on the wing. He works best in space found on the edges of the defense and can cross the ball. I also think he plays with a softness to his game and the congested nature of playing in the middle of the field would highlight this limitation. A Gaven move inside would force Ekpo or Evans outside. Ekpo could handle this move, but Evans has looked far better in central midfield in practice and reserve matches. Keeping Gaven outside still plays to our team’s strengths, and Eddie Gaven’s recent weak of form won’t be solved by moving inside.

But of course I could be missing something.

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