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Game 9 – This Was Bound to Happen

May 25, 2008

Just a quick couple of point.

  • No the sky is not falling. We are still at the top of the table.
  • However, Shalrie Joseph and the Revolution midfield was very effective in disturbing Schelotto and the central midfield. Zero goals in the last two games.
  • Joseph was lucky to get out of that game without a yellow. His foul on Rogers early in the game was certainly obstruction. I don’t care if it was the 4th minute.
  • Ezra: He performed well in the last couple of weeks, but we knew he was not a starter. I was not surprised by the sloppy tackle that lead to the penalty.
  • Dube did get into the box early, but don’t foul Ralston and we don’t have this problem.
  • To the beer cup and smoke bomb throwing idiots: That was classless. The leaders of the Nordeke have to act quick and keep the positive atmosphere and eject the bad elements. Zero Tolerance for idiots.

I am heading to the reserve match this morning so the game reviews and grades will be a little late.

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