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Game 9 – Grades

May 26, 2008

Hesmer – 7: 3 of 4 on penalty saves, and really unfortunate to let in the quick rebound goal. I also noticed that he was looking for the short outlet more this game. The Revolution did a good job of covering it though.

Hendrickson – 5: He really cannot play out wide anymore, and his foul to set up the penalty was dumb. Ralston was not going anywhere. He also does not add much to the offense. I would love to see Zayner in his place.

O’Rourke – 7: He continues to settle well in the back. New England really could not penetrate the center of the defense and he did not foul stupidly. He is still tenacious, but is reigning it in.

Marshall – 7: Another very good showing. He is in a run of form second to Hejduk’s. The only issue I have seen in the past couple of weeks is that his clearances were short again. That allowed for the Revs to build pressure quickly.

Hejduk – 8: I am amazed at his quickness. On play, he intercepted a pass to a much younger Thompson and it wasn’t even close. It was indicative of his play all evening. His crosses were very good as well.

Rogers – 7: He is a marked man now. New England did rough him up, but he still had chances to get behind the defense.

Evans – 6: He got into space and played a good supporting role. He did not get forward as often as necessary, but an solid effort from him.

Carroll – 7: Choked off the New England midfield and supported the defense very well. He also had a couple passes that spurred the offense.

Gaven – 7: He got into the offense; it was reminiscent of last year. His 50 yard run was beautiful, he got on the end of several headers and drove to the goal with authority. He still was dispossessed far too easily away from the goal, he does not use his body well in those situations.

Schelotto – 6: It was another off night for Schelotto. His set pieces were sporadic and his incisive passing was missing.

Moreno – 6: It was tough work against Parkhurst and Larentowicz. He still got a couple of chances off, but was not really supported and was isolated too often.

Ekpo – 6: Had a couple of nice moves, but came in too late to make much of an impact.

Crew Man of the Match – Hejduk – He is playing above his usual high standards. He got into the offense while holding down the right side. He earned a well deserved call up for the midweek National Team game versus England.

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