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Revs Reserves 0 – Crew Reserves 1

May 26, 2008

The Crew reserves were able to defeat the Revolution reserves behind a Jason Garey goal and a solid team effort. The result was not in doubt as the Crew had multiple opportunities and controlled possession. The goal started from an Ekpo run. Ekpo then found Josten who had pushed out right. Josten crossed the ball to Garey’s feet. Garey quickly found the opposite side of the net in the 10th minute to score the game’s lone goal.

The Crew started the first half in a 4-4-2 alignment.






  • Moffat and Ekpo played the first thirty minutes, but were subbed out to save them for tomorrow’s Open Cup Qualifier. Moffat moved well, but looked a little rusty. Ekpo played wide, but came inside quite a bit. He seemed to push more centrally than Oughton and Moffat.
  • Zayner was excellent at left back. I thought he was the best player in the first half. He played great defense and pushed up into the offense often.
  • Garey looked pretty good. He found space and linked up well with the midfield. He still is not great in the air, but can work well with his back to goal. He injured his groin just before half time.
  • Josten moved well with the ball and played well with Ekpo and Zayner. He has some skill with the ball at his feet as well.
  • Oughton sat in the defensive midfield role and moved well. He showed no sign of injury.
  • Iro continues to improve. He looks far less indecisive on the ball. He may not be the quickest, and I think he tends to cheat on the defensive line. He broke early several times. A more experienced forward may have been able to use that to his advantage.
  • Elenio also had a good game. He has a strong long range shot and got into several dangerous positions. He had a couple rookie jitters, but settled down as the game progressed.
  • Lenhart and Gruenebaum were on the bench, but not used.
  • Hernandez and Padula worked with the trainer to do some fitness drills, but did not participate in the game. I would not expect to see them for the qualifier tomorrow.
  • So was on the sideline, but did not take part in the fitness drills.
  • The Crew ran out the trialists for the second half; there was not much to note about any of them.

Full Crew Lineup – Kenny Schoeni, Jed Zayner (Steve Traeger 46), Devon McKerney, Andy Iro, Andrew Peterson, Emmanuel Ekpo (Ryan Miller 31), Cory Elenio, Duncan Oughton, Adam Moffat (Eddie Hertsenberg 31), George Josten (Craig Neal 63), Jason Garey (Ryan Kustos 43)

Scoring Summary: Garey (Josten) 10

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