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Game 10 – Grades

June 4, 2008

I finally had a chance to watch the game again, so here is how I saw the players.

Hesmer – 6: Solid game; he did not have much to do, but responded when called upon. Hesmer has a couple of worrying traits. He likes to play the long ball and he was calling for a foul on the first goal as play was still going on. Please play to the whistle.

Hendrickson – 6: He is too slow to play effectively outside, but he looked much better when he moved centrally. He did not come out to contest the cross and he did not track back on the second goal, but had a decent game.

O’Rourke – 3: He played pretty well until his stupid foul in the 23rd minute. He fails on both the how and why.

Marshall – 5: He had an uncharacteristically off game. He allowed Curtin a free header, was muscled off the ball that led to the second goal, and he had an errant clearance that kept the pressure on the Crew.

Hejduk – 6: Hejduk had an uncharacteristically off game. His tackling was weaker than normal.

Rogers – 6: Tried to press the game, but the physical Chivas defense really reduced his effectiveness.

Evans – 5: Had one good shot, but failed to track back on the second goal. He also failed miserably linking with the forwards. He was quiet, but effective when he shifted to left back.

Carroll – 6: It was another solid game in the middle. He tracked back on defense (including the 2nd goal) and took the set pieces after Schelotto went out.

Gaven – 5: Continues to have spurts of competence, but his positioning was problematic and his defense was lacking. Seems to be regressing.

Schelotto – 5: He was really unconnected from the midfield and did not have an impact on the game. He hustled on the defensive end to try to make something happen before being subbed at the half.

Moreno – 6: Left even more alone up top than normal, but never stopped working. He made more things happen that he had a right to.

Moffat – 7: He was a bolt of energy after he came in at halftime for Schelotto. Made numerous box to box runs.

Ekpo – 6: His ball skills are very good. He can make things happen individually, but he still is having problems fitting into the team on the field.

Lenhart – 5: Got in for the last ten minutes and showed youthful exuberance, but really did not have the chance to do much more.

Crew Man of the Match – Moffat – He looked the best with a close in shot that was saved by Guzan and created several other chances.

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