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Game 11 – Grades

June 12, 2008

Hesmer – 6: Better distribution from Hesmer as he was actively looking to pass it out of the back. He may have done better on the goals, but that is debatable.

Zayner – 6: Had a decent game on the wings, but gave too much space for O’Brien to cross the ball that led to the first goal. He was solid when he moved centrally. His rocket of a shot that caromed of the crossbar was impressive.

Hendrickson – 4: He looked poor in the middle of the defense and was beaten on a header for the first goal. Unfortunately, he would add injury to insult as he had to leave in the fist half with a leg injury.

Marshall – 5: A mixed game from the Crew captain. Had a tendency to play the long ball out of the back; bypassing the midfield.

Hejduk – 5: Hejduk again got better as the game went on. He seemed a little rushed in the first half and joined Marshall in booting the ball up field. He also lost his composure a couple of times, including kicking the ball out into touch in an attempt to

Rogers – 5: Consistent fouling is really taking it’s toll. He is really not able to show off his individual skill without being hacked down. He lashed out a Riley after a particularly dangerous challenge that did not earn a card.

Evans – 3: Did not make much of an impact in the center linking with the offense. Was a little loose on his marking on the second goal. The red card was a late challenge when he was trying to press.

Carroll – 5: Steady effort from Carroll. He was effective holding possession and his passes were decent. He was absent from the attack and did not connect with the defense as well as he needs to.

Ekpo – 6: He can work the ball one on one and is strong, but he makes some bad decisions going forward. He will start drawing some of the attention away from Rogers and Schelotto if he keeps getting into dangerous situations.

Schelotto – 4: He is struggling playing off Moreno. His set pieces are very erratic. He is not adding much to the Crew offense right now. Someone needs to step up and take some corners.

Moreno – 5: Again left deserted on an island. He really is not a great solo target forward. It would be interesting to see another true forward play off him as Lenhart has done in Open Cup competition.

Iro – 5: Did well coming in off the bench for Marshall. He did give up the foul that led to the second goal, but looked mobile as he paired with Zayner in the middle.

Junge – 6: Another player who came in and performed pretty well given the circumstances. He played with energy and his long throws were a threat.

Gaven – 4: He really did not do much when he came in for Ekpo. He subtraction by addition in his 20 minutes on the field as he made little impact.

Crew Man of the Match – Ekpo – Showed glimpses of what he could do for the team offensively. He will need to step up with the mounting injuries on the team.

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  1. June 13, 2008 4:21 pm

    Regarding Rogers, and I know we’re not supposed to say such things where the youth can read it, but I liked to see him get some back on Riley. I liked it even more when he stuck up for himself afterwards.

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