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Game 12 – Crew 3 – Wizards 0

June 15, 2008

I did not expect the team to get the job done on the road and with so many injuries, but I underestimated how bad Kansas City is playing right now and how the team responded to a frustrating series of defeats. The Crew put together a total team effort on both offense and defense to emphatically break the winless and scoreless streaks. This looked like the team from the first part of the season; the team that won five straight.

The offense came alive against an overmatched Kansas City defense. Schelotto looked much better than recent weeks; his corner kick service for the goal was dangerous and the run that Marshall made on the goal was outstanding. He was not going to be denied. Moreno broke through and scored a couple of goals. He, again, showed that he has a nose for the goal, but is also becoming a clinical finisher as well. He was very opportunistic on the first goal by taking advantage of Hartman’s mental mistake. His second goal was deadly. Hartman checked his near post as Moreno came at him, but he really had no chance as Moreno still went near post to tally his 6th goal of the year. Not to be left out Rogers and Ekpo were dangerous on the wings. Even Oughton had an opportunity in front of goal. The Crew were a few breaks away from a five goal night.

Despite breaking the goal drought, I think the key was the outstanding work that the defense put in. O’Rourke and Junge played well, Marshall solidified the middle, and Iro played a decent game as well. Carroll and Oughton tracked back well to break up several Kansas City possessions. Even Rogers and Ekpo worked back to help the defense. It was a team great effort and it showed in the results. We even defended the set pieces pretty well. You could see the frustration on the Wizards players faces. Lopez looked to be at his breaking point and Kansas City looked out of ideas the whole game. I certainly don’t want to leave out the effort the supporters put in; I could hear the Moreno chant pretty well on the TV.

With Euro 2008 and the first U.S. National team World Cup qualifier, my second viewing of the Crew game will have to wait so the grades will have to wait a little bit longer.

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