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Game 12 – Grades

June 17, 2008

Hesmer – 7: Not much for Hesmer to do. He played quick out of the backfield and managed his defense well. He made the one save he needed to.

Junge – 7: The youngster played well in his first start. Arnaud was a nonfactor in the game and his long throws were dangerous too.

Iro – 7: Looked a little shaky in the air early, but really settled down. Moved well and improved throughout the game. I was impressed with the quickness of his feet.

Marshall – 8: This was a top performance from Marshall. His goal was a combination of skill and determination as he nearly knocked over Iro to get the ball. Organized a young defense to really stop up the Kansas City offense. He also distributed the ball quite well. A great game all around.

O’Rourke – 7: Played pretty well at right back. He put a nice ball across the box that Moreno turned into a goal. Kansas City has very little success coming down his side of the field.

Rogers – 7: He linked well with the midfield and the forwards. He also showed the skill and speed from earlier in the year. Had a couple of shots right at Hartman and one off the post. He will be a monster if he can consistently finish.

Oughton – 7: He did an amazing amount of the dirty work. He and Carroll stopped any attack that came down the middle of the field and forced the attack wide. He may not have gotten forward like Moffat would have, but he was dangerous in spots.

Carroll – 7: Carroll was back to his usual self. He was ever present in the midfield while distributing well. He played well with Oughton as Kansas City could do nothing in the middle of the park.

Ekpo – 7: This was his best showing in a Crew uniform, his ball skills were excellent and his passing was improved. He finally looks like he is integrating with the team.

Schelotto – 7: He played a very solid game. His corner kicks were improved, even finding Chad Marshall for a goal. He roamed in front of the Carroll/Oughton pairing to really exploit the Kansas City defense.

Moreno – 8: Opportunistic and lethal. Now that he had support he is getting results in front of goal.

Garey – 7: Impressive return from injury. He moved well and held up the ball when required. He even had a shot that went just past the post.

Elenio – 6: He made a couple of poor decisions and looked a little nervous, but not bad considering it was his debut.

Hernandez – NR: Played the last few minutes and looked rusty. He will face stiff competition from Steven Lenhart and Jason Garey for playing time.

Crew Man of the Match – Marshall – A shutout and a goal. Marshall certainly will deserve a look from the National Team soon.

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