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Week 12 – Power Rankings

June 18, 2008

1. New England – This team is on a good run of form and will be stronger when Twellman gets back.

2. Los Angeles – This team will score goals and Buddle looks like he may have turned the corner. The defense is still a problem. That has been the story all year.

3. Toronto FC – The home field advantage is amazing, and the offense is springing to life. I am still concerned about the defense.

4. Chicago – Perhaps Blanco is getting taken out of games. The offense has gone missing, and probably could use a big offensive target.

5. Columbus – Breaking the scoreless and winless streak was impressive, but it came against a sliding Kansas City team. LA will provide a better test.

6. DC United – The hottest team this side of New England. The talent was always there, but now it shows.

7. Houston – Much like Chicago has New England’s number, New England has Houston’s.

8. Colorado – I really did not expect them to do much in Toronto, but they need a result against Houston.

9. Chivas USA – A rough couple of weeks after turning things around. Seems to be a trend with 7-9.

10. Real Salt Lake – Tough at home, but a win on the road is good news. This team has some talent, but they need to keep getting some points on the road.

11. FC Dallas – A good result against a wilting Fire team. I would like to see how they respond to their new coach.

12. New York – This team is in a free fall, but at least they have a little bit of offense.

13. Kansas City – Unlike the Wizards. An awful return home with an awful performance. This team is falling apart.

14. San Jose – Better than the average expansion team, but still not good.


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