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Week 13 – Power Rankings

June 25, 2008

1. New England – Losing at RSL isn’t that bad, but they have not looked that great over the past couple of weeks.

2. Los Angeles – They can score, but that defense is beyond awful.

3. Columbus – Hey if it isn’t a former #1 rising. There are still holes in this team, but that may not matter this year.

4. Toronto FC – I would love to see what they do on the road.

5. DC United – San Jose was not a real test, but they still took care of business. This team is going to keep rising.

6. Chicago – Hey the defense is keeping them in games, but the offense has been Kansas Cityesque.

7. Real Salt Lake – Toronto FC west, right down to the near unplayable turf.

8. Chivas – This team needs to get healthy. I think they will prove to be the class of the east.

9. Houston – Missing that forward who can play with Ching. Shame they let two players go who could do that.

10. New York – No Altidore, no Angel, no Reyna, no great soccer. Setting the standard of winning ugly.

11. Kansas City – Tie on the road at TFC feels like a win right now. They could use more wins that are actual wins at this point.

12. Colorado – There it is: the Clavijo swoon

13. FC Dallas – Almost, setting the standard for losing ugly. At least this team has a little talent, unlike…

14. San Jose – These guys are setting the standard for losing ugly.

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