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United Reserves 1 – Crew Reserves 0

June 26, 2008

A partial report follows, as I chose to leave early to catch the start of the Germany v. Turkey Euro 2008 semifinal.

The Crew Reserves faced off in a midweek reserve match against the DC United reserves. The soccer was pretty poor in my opinion. Not unexpected, given the temperature at the start was in the upper 80’s. Neither team had much in the way of continuity in attack and it was a game that got bogged down in the midfield for the most part.

Crew 1st half lineup






Junge in for an injured Padula around the 10th minute.

Crew 2nd half lineup






Craig Neal in for Pierre-Louis in the 66th minute.

Player Notes

  • Duncan Oughton was the best offensive player for the Crew. He had a blast that Carvallo saved in the first half and an overhead kick in the second half just missed the target.
  • Pierre-Louis had a poor game. He did not make any off the ball runs and left Lenhart stranded several times. He did not show for the ball and he really did not provide help defense. This combination was an irritant to several in the midfield as several players were barking instructions in exasperation. The DC players noticed this and even said that he was “not going to work”. Hopefully he can learn from this and start putting in the effort that he needs to.
  • Lenhart looked pretty good and showed why he is getting some spot minutes. He moved off the ball well and fought for the loose balls. Did not get the greatest service and was not helped by his paring with Pierre-Louis.
  • Elenio is quick and has a good dribble. Seemed to get into a bit of trouble with his dribbling. I think he may have been looking to unleash one of his long range shots. An uneventful game overall.
  • Garey put in a solid effort in the 2nd half (what I saw of it). He moved well and really is a vocal leader of the offense.
  • Zayner had a solid game. His on the ball defending was pretty solid as he stopped several DC players. He is very vocal and was really working to organize the defense.
  • Iro was also more vocal that I have heard him, I don’t have much more on his performance than that however.
  • Miglioranzi was training with the first team. He did not play in the reserve match, so I am not sure about his status for this weekend.
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