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Game 14 – Ratings v. Colorado

July 2, 2008

Hesmer – 8: He is looking much stronger in goal after a couple shaky games. Great save in stoppage time to secure the win. He also distributed better, he is looking for the short option every time.

O’Rourke – 6: Had some problems adjusting to left back position, but i certainly can see him finding a home there, especially if his passing improves.

Marshall – 6: Solid, but Casey had several opportunities in the air. Did not lock him down like I have seen him do before.

Iro – 6: Had a couple problems with his footwork and gave away several fouls, but he is improving. I still have concerns about his quickness, but those are subsiding.

Hejduk – 7: Colorado could not launch crosses into Casey from the right side thanks to his work.

Rogers – 7: Was a terror down the right side, but his play around the goal held him back. His passing and shooting around goal seem to be the only small problems with his game.

Evans – 5: He does not work well with Carroll and he was nearly invisible. He did track back more in the second half (except for the Colorado goal). I imagine that he will find the bench when Gaven comes back or sooner.

Carroll – 6: Carroll was not as dominant on the defensive end. Colorado could build through the middle more than other teams have in the past. His passing was notable on several occasions however. I think he is having a hard time working with Evans.

Ekpo – 8: Took a liitle bit to get into the game, but his second half was very good. He played a little pass that Moreno turned into a penalty, and his 55 yard run and goal was masterful.

Schelotto – 8: His passing was excellent. He really spread the field with his incisive passing. The penalty kick goal was the icing on the cake.

Moreno – 7: Worked to get in the seams of the Rapids defense and was trouble throughout the evening.

Lenhart – 6: His energy helped to alleviate the pressure several times late in the game. His touch will need to improve to make a consistent impact on the game, but it has since even earlier in the season.

Junge – NR: No chance to make an impact.

Crew Man of the Match – Ekpo – Hesmer would have been my man of the match, but Ekpo’s run was magical.

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