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Week 14 – Power Rankings

July 2, 2008

1. New England – Taking care of business. They have a few holes in the lineup, but will be getting back Twellman. He can score goals… in MLS.

2. DC United – Keeper and the defense are shaky, but Gallardo and Emilio are on a role doing the things Designated Players should be doing.

3. Columbus – A solid performance all around, but the individual brilliance of Ekpo got the win. I am most interested how they handle a hungry (starving?) Chicago team.

4. Los Angeles – Another week from the all offense team. They could have lost by 6 or 7 against DC. Even I don’t think they can score that many.

5. Toronto FC – Hung around on the road. Much like Real Salt Lake, wake me when they win on the road.

6. Chivas – I feel really bad about putting them here. The gulf between 5 and 6 is pretty big right now. It was interesting to see the Red Bulls drop down to their hacktastic level, pretty much neutralized them.

7. Houston – Brian Ching is carrying a heavy load these days. They could use one solid forward to help him out, you know like an Alejandro Moreno.

8. Real Salt Lake – A weak loss, but you don’t get much better chances than at Kansas City to turn things around on the road.

9. Chicago – The goal drought was novel weeks ago, but now I wonder what is wrong. It all can’t be people knocking around Blanco. Is this a return to form after a hot start.

10. New York – This team is woefully thin and it doesn’t help that Angel and Reyna are both injured. Where will the goals come now that Altidore is gone and no I am not sold on Columbian reinforcements either.

11. Kansas City – A little luck gets the win and the addition of Josh Wolff (or as I call him, Dustin Diamond) certainly helps an anemic offense. I still think this team is going to struggle and Lopez is going to explode.

12. FC Dallas – They will be up and down with the youth movement. Painful for the fans though.

13. Colorado – Yes, they put up a good fight, but they are out gunned in the talent/experience department right now. Gomez cannot get back soon enough and Clavijo can leave fast enough either.

14. San Jose – Not a bad result on the road against a foundering team. They can pick their spots and surprised teams.

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