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Game 15 – Ratings v. Fire

July 6, 2008

Hesmer – 7: Solid performance in goal. Really worked on his short distribution, especially in the second half. This helped build the attack.

O’Rourke – 5: Not the best game defensively. He was slow to pinch in on the second goal. He did have a good cross that almost lead to a goal and made a good run in the second half.

Marshall – 5: Not the best game as he was beaten on the pass that led to the first goal. Needs to organize the defense to better assist Iro. Missed a wide open header too.

Iro – 4: Two rookie mistakes cost the Crew. Iro settled down a little bit, but his inexperience was very evident.

Hejduk – 7: Had some troubles early working with Ekpo, but he got stronger as the game went on. He had a nice cross/shot that tested Busch and his run off of a late set piece was worked to perfection.

Rogers – 6: Uninvolved for long stretches of the game, but came on strong late.

Evans – 4: Nearly invisible in the center of the field. He provides very little defensive mettle and does not get involved in the offense. Miglioranzi should start in his place next week if possible.

Carroll – 5: Chased the game and tracked back late. He has to do more work when paired with Evans. I am interested to see how he would work with Miglioranzi or Oughton.

Ekpo – 6: Frustrating to watch sometimes. He did make a good run to get on the end of Schelotto’s cross and then finished well to score the first goal.

Schelotto – 7: A little bit of an off game, but still made a mark with two assists and a couple of great shots at goal.

Moreno – 7: Put in the work against a pair of physical center backs. He held up the ball several times to get others involved. He pressured Busch on the disallowed goal and his tenacity lead to the first goal.

Lenhart – 7: Another game tying goal. He made the right run at the right time.

Miglioranzi – 6: Was an upgrade over Evans when he came in. He was calm in the middle of the park. He also came within inches of getting a head on the cross that Lenhart connected on.

Garey – NR: Not much to do for the last four minutes of the game.

Crew Man of the Match – Schelotto – Not his best game, but he made the plays that were needed at the time. Two assists attest to that.

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