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Notes on the Game with GM McCullers

July 6, 2008

I had a chance to talk with Crew GM Mark McCullers at today’s reserve match. Mr. McCullers was gracious enough to answer a couple questions about last night’s game. I did not have a tape recorder on me so this is my paraphrasing of Mr. McCullers thoughts.

He thought the atmosphere at the stadium continues to get better. He requested three things from the Nordecke before the game last night. No smoke bombs, no streamers that interrupts play (after goals is OK to him), and to drown out the Fire supporters. He thought the supporters succeeded on all three counts extremely well. He is sounded extremely proud of the passion and noise that the Nordeke is creating and loved seeing the red, white, and blue streamers after the national anthem.

He also thought that last night’s game may have been the best he has seen. It was great to see a large and passionate crowd at the stadium. He also thought the soccer was highly entertaining. The only issue was the outcome. He really wanted that win.

I wish to thank Mr. McCullers for his time this morning. I appreciate the team being so accommodating to amateurs like myself.

A side note, my game review, grades, and reserve recap should be coming later today or tomorrow at the latest.

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