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Independiente 1- Crew 2

July 10, 2008

I was looking forward to last night’s match. I like seeing the reserves, it is good to host a team with the pedigree of Independiente, and the weather was picture perfect. Both the Dispatch and have reviews of the game, so I will leave you with a couple brief notes.

The Good

  • Robbie Rogers, he stood head and shoulders above anyone else playing.
  • Ricardo Pierre-Louis, he showed some solid touch around goal and got a little better as the night went on. He seems to be settling a bit, but still a ways to go.
  • Elenio’s redirected pass to Garey. Nothing came of it, but it showed some good vision

The Bad

  • Ekpo’s injury: I am not sure what extent he is injured, but the Crew sputtered without him in there (until Robbie came in)
  • I wish Independiente would have brought a stronger team, as I understand it they brought a number of reserves. The players who came, did play hard.
  • Zayner’s bad touch: he dropped it right for the Independiente goal scorer. That play wiped out a pretty decent game.
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