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The (Misdirected) Passion

July 21, 2008

In a previous post I noted that I thought that most of the people I have met in the Nordeke have been some of the nicest people, but I guess I did not mean all of the supporters as evidenced by Crew Hooligan on EPLTalk:

I’m 19 and live in Columbus, we will fight any firm in the world. Even when out-numbered in our own stadium. I was involved in the incident, which is completely West Hams fault (8-12 IFC stood directly behind the Crew section, when immediately asked to leave by security they threw up their fists like they wanted to fight. 3/4 of the Crew section emptied to the NE side of the stadium. The remaining 1000+ IFC left their section and met us by the concession, when the first punch was thrown by a CREW FIRM MEMBER mace was used and stopped any progress for a brawl.) It’s how we do things in COLUMBUS, try not to sleep on us, or we will be your worst nightmare…on and off the pitch. Also, I apologize to those who don’t understand the passion involved in this situation. We will NEVER allow someone (especially Britts) to come to our stadium and push us around, sorry…..Please don’t forget 1776, history tends to repeat itself, British getting destroyed.

I hope the U.S is starting to realize a thing or two about “soccer”

I guess I don’t have “the passion”. I have a hard time getting in the mood to fight another “firm” from some team that is based over 3000 miles away (I have a hard time looking to fight at all). I understand trying to stand your ground, but why pour out onto the concourse and look for a fight when the Columbus Police were starting to get things under control. The few West Ham idiots would have celebrated their alcohol fueled “victory” in the parking lot and Columbus would not be the target as all that is evil about soccer.

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  1. Biff Scooter permalink
    July 21, 2008 11:59 pm

    Classic. Never forget 1776? I’ve seen the most boring (and popular…proving people have no taste) sport on the planet at Columbus’s soccer-only venue (that has laughable bleacher seats pretty much everywhere) and yeah, well worth defending a shiny new boring stadium against the threat of “eight to 12” ICF (yeah, these guys are ICF like my mother is Millwall…if they are, why would they waste $ flying to WhereIsIt, MiddleOfNowhere USA to watch a snooze inducing friendly?).

    Seriously, you’re 19 and this is your life. Save some $. Hop on a plane and see the world. Then again when I was 19 I was not bored out of my mind watching MLS…we had the NASL and actual stars worth watching.

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