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Game 18 – Grades

July 30, 2008

Hesmer – 10: Hesmer was on his game and not just the saves. It was a combination of outstanding reflexes, great positioning, and just enough luck.

O’Rourke – 6: He was chasing quite a bit and had some awful tackles. It appeared that he was uncomfortable with the new formation. Looked better when the Crew moved to a 4 man back line.

Iro – 6: He looked better as the game went along. He is very good in the air and he can pass well as evidenced by his pass to start the sequence that led to the first goal. His is still slow and got beaten a couple of times by swift forwards.

Marshall – 7: He also improved in the second half. He had trouble when pulled into the wings, but formed a great backbone when the Crew played four in the back.

Hejduk – 6: He looked uncomfortable on the wings and did not seem to get into offensive position that often. Some of his challenges made it look like he wanted to start his vacation a week early.

Gaven – 6: Tough to come back from injury and play a full 90 at altitude, he showed some rust, but did get down the field several times. He did have several giveaways. Obviously spent by the 75th minute, but still did the defensive dirty work.

Miglioranzi – 7: I was impressed in his half of work. He had a very good assist and he seemed to be all over the field in the first half. He worked well with Carroll to stuff the center.

Carroll – 7: Christian Gomez was shut down and the Rapids had no offense down the middle of the field.

Schelotto – 6: An off night as he really did not link up well with the forwards as he had to play slightly deeper or the forwards were much wider of his position.

Moreno – 6: The usual hardworking effort. He did not have a chance to make an impact on the offensive end and played wing in the second half in the bunkering 4-4-1.

Lenhart – 5: Third goal of the year on great passing and an off the ball run. He can be a beast, is quicker than he looks, and was in some very good positions, but his temper could have cost the Crew a win and does cost the team his services versus Houston.

Evans – 6: Great work on the goal to get the ball to Garey. He appeared to be man marking in C. Gomez to make sure he did not do anything. I would like to see him wide.

Garey – 7: He did exactly what was required. He threw his body around, challenged for loose balls, and pressed the Colorado back line. The goal was the topper; amazing control and shot.

Zayner – NR: No time to make an impression.

Crew Man of the Match – Hesmer – Who else?

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