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Game 19 – Grades

August 5, 2008

Hesmer – 7: Both goals were not his fault. He controlled the box well and his distribution was quick to spur the counterattack.

Zayner – 7: Good game on the right. Showed composure against Ashe and came into the attack. Was indecisive on the first goal, but played well otherwise.

Iro – 6: His mistimed header led to the first goal and he played a high line at times. He did handle being pulled out wide pretty well.

Marshall – 6: Injury forced him out after 25 minutes. He was slow to drop back and cover on the first goal.

O’Rourke – 7: He got into the attack early and played solid defense. He did well to get back on defense when

Gaven – 6: Still getting back to 100 percent, but had a pretty good game. He is starting to look like the player from late last year, getting forward and creating some chances.

Evans – 6: Played a better game than I initially thought. He settled in the middle of the field and did get forward several times. Sadly, his finishing was found lacking, twice.

Carroll – 6: I was down on his performance and his passing was off, but on second viewing he had another quietly solid game. His positioning is superb.

Peterson – 6: Solid performance, but he got lost the later the game went. His crossing was his best attribute. He was slow to pass the ball and his turnover started the possession that led to the 2nd goal.

Schelotto – 7: He highlighted his dribbling skills several times throughout the game. There were several stretches

Moreno – 6: Another quiet game, he did get his chances but could not bury one. He is not linking well with the wingers. He really seems to miss Rogers.

Hendrickson – 5: Ezra always seemed just inches from giving up a goal, but held up for the most part. He did pickup several fouls and did not cutoff Ching’s pass to Jaqua or the return that led to the 2nd goal.

Oughton – 4: He was slow and not involved in the game. He is going to struggle to get playing time on this team when everybody is healthy.

Garey – 5: A lot of hustle, but not much to show for it.

Crew Man of the Match – Schelotto – He tried to carry the offense all by himself, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

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