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Noonan In the Fold

August 7, 2008

The Pat Noonan deal is done and he is eager to start playing for the Crew and in Columbus.

Noonan is from St. Louis and indicated he has no desire to play anywhere but Columbus. He said he and his fiancé are eager to start a “normal” life and that Columbus is a good place to do so.

He is already off to a great start in my eyes, but where will he play? Coach Schmid has some ideas:

At this point he’s probably more inclined to play wide midfield for us while Robbie and Ekpo are gone, he can play Alejandro’s position in a pinch. He can play Guillermo’s position and he can certainly play both flank positions. He helps us with his versatility and at the end of the day it’s going to be competition and who’s playing best will be out there.

The lineup will get really interesting once the Olympics are over. Noonan joins Rogers, Ekpo, Moreno, Schelotto, and Gaven as attacking options. One will probably have to sit. I think Noonan is going to play on the wings opposite Rogers with Gaven and Ekpo fighting over a central midfield spot. I really like the depth the Crew has. It will be helpful in keeping players fresh down the stretch and having a game changing offensive threat on the bench. I may have to take some time off to catch practice next week, because it is going to be tough to wait until the 16th to catch the recharged Crew attack.

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