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Lack of Understanding – Olympic Results

August 13, 2008

A list of things that I don’t understand from the U.S. v. Nigeria game:

  • How NBC could not find a better color man that Balboa
  • What Orozco thinking
  • Subbing Altidore…
  • Not subbing Robbie, he was gassed by the 60th minute
  • Why Nowak did not take another left back to China
  • Why some people thought Kljestian did so well

Aside from an inspired half versus the Dutch, the Olympic men’s team really did not play well. Japan gave them a lot of trouble, the Dutch have quite a bit of talent, and the red card really hurt them versus Nigeria. Despite the underwhelming performance from several key players, the U.S came within minutes of making it to the next round. I hope the experience pays off in World Cup qualifying and in South Africa in two years.

Rogers should be back by Saturday, however I cannot imagine he will be able to play more than spot minutes. He played a full 90 minutes and now faces a long trip home and a 12 hour time difference.

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