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Game 23: Revs 0 – Crew 4 (Testament to Dominance)

September 7, 2008

The Crew came into last night looking to show how far they have come. Behind Guille and a deep roster of talented players, the rest of the league should know what Columbus is capable of. Some might even call it a statement. I would normally run through the highlights of the game, but that would take all day. Instead I will just try to describe the dominance of the Crew last night.

I watched the MLSNet highlights of the game this morning, as a refresher. There was not a single Revolution highlight in the four minute reel. Schelotto got his sixth goal of the year, the first goal from the run of play, off a Robbie Rogers run and cross into the box. This goal came after waves of Crew pressure spurred by pinpoint Schelotto passes, Rogers slashing runs, Gaven opened up the other side and Lenhart’s fearless presence as the lone striker. Iro’s stoppage time header was the icing on the cake to an amazing first half.

I was glad to see the Crew did not let up in the second half. Schelotto bagged another assist as Jason Garey made a bid for more playing time scoring a brace. The team showed tremendous control of the game, from the back line through Carroll and Evans in midfield, and through the rest of the offense. By the team’s 3rd goal the party was in full swing and the jubilant atmosphere was capped with a 4th goal just before full time.

The final statistics show how dominant the Crew were. The Crew had 27 total shots to 4, 13 were on target compared to 1 for the Revs. I would imagine the Crew had a possession edge approaching 65-35. This was the most dominant game I had seen at Crew Stadium, and Columbus is a full five points ahead of second place. However, New England was a very overworked team and the Crew still have seven games to go before the playoffs.

I guess this also resets my expectations. I am looking forward to traveling to an away playoff game, and the thought has crossed my mind to make plans for the MLS Cup. This is a very good team; I am expecting them to make a run for the Supporters Shield and make a statement in the playoffs. I would be disappointed to see them lose in the playoffs. This is a very odd feeling for a Crew fan. I hope I have to get used to it.

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