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Game 23: Grades

September 10, 2008

Hesmer – 7: He had time take a nap, but he was excellent in collection and distribution 

O’Rourke – 8: He moved the ball well and built out of the back.

Iro – 9: He is becoming dominant in the air. He got his head to several Schelotto kicks and did score a goal.

Marshall – 8: I realize the National team is solid at center back, but Chad better get a look in some of the upcoming qualifiers.

Padula – 8: He is a keeper at left back. Plays solid defense and gets involved in the offense. I am glad we found him.

Gaven – 8: He is staying sharp. Coach Schmid said it best, he is decisive now. He makes his decision and executes.

Evans – 8: Guille’s hot streak started as Brad Evans elevated his game. Brad has developed into a good two way midfielder. His positioning and passing are much better and he gets forward well.

Carroll – 8: The Brad-Brian combo shut down Shalrie Joseph. Again another quiet, great game from Carroll.

Rogers – 9: Rogers was a terror. He repeatedly beat the back line of the Revs.

Schelotto – 10: I don’t know how he could do any better. He is an absolute joy to watch.

Lenhart – 7: Strong and fearless. He will go up against anybody and he is really developing better body control.

Garey – 8: His patience paid off. He was stuck behind Moreno and Lenhart, but made a difference when he got to see the field. He is a very technical finisher and he is developing that nose for goal.

Noonan –  7: Joined the rout in progress. He did pick up his first assist with a beautiful ball to Garey for the fourth goal.

Ekpo – 7: Another talent too good for the bench. He made several dangerous runs in limited minutes.

Crew Man of the Match – Schelotto – What will he do next?

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  1. September 11, 2008 1:18 am

    I love the depth of this team, that’s really going to help us come play off time.

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