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Game 26: Grades

October 3, 2008

Again, trying the new grading system. 6 is the old 7.

Hesmer – 7: Hesmer was great in the box and one on one. Defense was well organized after Hejduk was sent off.

Hejduk – 5: Played a good game, getting involved in the offense and solidifying the wright side on defense. Getting sent off, however was amazingly stupid.

O’Rourke – 7: Another solid game from O’Rourke. He shows his versatility by shifting right when Hejduk was sent off without skipping a beat.

Marshall – 8: Outstanding defense and he again shows his prowess in the air with his ferocious header for the goal.

Padula – 7: Working well with Rogers. His defense is solid, if not spectacular.

Gaven – 6: Good work on both ends. He did get forward several a couple times down a man.

Evans – 6: Solid in the center as the Crew controlled possession.

Carroll – 7: The Revs really could not penetrate the defense.

Rogers – 7: Tormented the Revs back line. He is coming into fine form.

Noonan –  6: He may play a different role than Schelotto, but he sees the right passes and gets into dangerous spaces.

Moreno – 7: Such great work, showing off his mobility and as a target forward holding up the ball when the Crew went down a man.

Iro – 6: The rookie again shows he can be relied upon when needed. Not rattled coming into a tight game, on the road, and down a man.

Ekpo – 6: His speed took some of the pressure off the bunkering defense.

Hendrickson – NR: Only played the last few minutes.

Crew Man of the Match – Marshall – He was outstanding on both ends of the field. He is a towering presence in the lineup.

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