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Notes on Beckham

October 10, 2008

OK, I may be a little late, ok very late, to the Columbus edition of Beckhamania. To be honest, I was a little excited for last week’s game. I was excited to see a packed stadium, watch the Crew live again, and yes, to see David Beckham.

Arriving early to beat the rush, we got to my seats as the Crew were warming up. The seats are by the northwest corner and you could see the people lining up waiting for a glimpse of Beckham. You could hear the screams as he came down the tunnel on to the field. He was the main attraction before the game even started.

That scene was reversed at the end of the game, people who came to see the stars ended up seeing the best team in MLS. A much smaller group was there to see off the supposed star; more people were cheering as the Crew players left through the tunnel. It was amazing to see 90 minutes of soccer convert at least some new fans to Crew soccer.

As for the man himself, he looks tired, uninterested, or both. It is a shame he is wasted on such an awful team. I still look forward to the days when the Crew draw 18,000-20,000 fans a game, with or without the help of David Beckham. I have a feeling those days are close to reality.

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