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The National Game

October 11, 2008

I call myself a U.S. National Team fan, and I am, but I have found myself unexcited at the thought of another game against Cuba. Maybe it is the easy qualification path the national team has had, the lack of younger stars to attract my attention, or the uninspiring play and coaching of the national team. I think the best explanation I can come up with is the season that my beloved Columbus Crew has had this year. I am clearly a club over country man.

I know a couple things that could change that. More exciting play on offense, like Donovan playing more centrally or getting to see young talent like Adu, Altidore, and even Torres. I also would love to see a few more Crew players brought into camp. I really hope to see Robbie Rogers and Chad Marshall get called in for a game soon. I would even hope to see it as soon as this Wednesday against Trinidad and Tobago.

I have other plans this evening at 7 PM, so I will not watch the national team live. I expect another win and for the team to clinch a spot in the Hex. No drama there. On Wednesday, I would love to see wholesale changes as some of the younger players get a taste of World Cup Qualifiers, including some of my Crew favorites, but now I am projecting.

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