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Pregame 29: Crew @ Red Bulls

October 18, 2008

Another game where the team has a lot more to play for than the Crew. The Red Bulls come into the game playing for their playoff lives while Columbus have sealed the best record in the league. There are already some signs of a letdown as the Crew have not been playing peak soccer for a couple weeks and practice has been flat enough to warrant a players only meeting.

New York has it’s own problems. Jon Conway and Jeff Parke were suspended for 10 games for taking a banned substance. This leaves keeper Danny Cepero getting his first MLS start and the Red Bulls will have to shift around an already poor defense. They still have the ability to score a lot of goals, and with the situation on the back line they will have to.

I am really not sure how this one is going to play out. The Crew have not been sharp and always have problems on turf, but New York is probably in shambles. I have a feeling that the Crew are going to be the team that is going to rise to the challenge, as they have all year, and take the win.

Crew 3 – NYRB 1

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