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Throw Some Money Here!

October 24, 2008

A source told Glenn Davis that F.C. Dallas coach Schellas Hyndman to an unbelievable deal:

CRAZY RUMOR: Now I have been sworn to silence from my source but this is amazing stuff. Apparently the HUNT SPORTS GROUP in DALLAS have given their new coach SCHELLAS HYNDMANN a seven year deal at $400,000 per season!!!! Close to a 3 million dollar deal.

I know Hyndman was Clark Hunt’s coach at SMU, but that is a payout so large, I can’t believe it.

However, if true (a big if), Hunt Sports Group better not plead poverty on the contract negtiotiations of Sigi Schmid. Coach Schmid has won 3 College Cups, 3 Supporters Shields, a CONCACAF Champions Cup, and an MLS Cup in his illustrious career. He revived a moribund Crew team and put them on the top of the league.

While Hyndman was a good college coach, he has not won any of the titles Schmid has. I am certainly going to be angry if Coach Schmid leaves the team after all he has built if it turns out that HSG spent their coaching budget of Hyndman and F.C. Dallas.


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