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Game 30: Grades

October 30, 2008

Hesmer – 6: Was lucky and good against an offense that was pressing to score a goal.

Hejduk – 6: Capable on the right flank as usual.

O’Rourke – 6: Tenacious harassment of Doe and Khumalo. Shifted well into the midfield to kill off the game.

Marshall – 7: He keeps playing great game after great game.

Padula – 6: I cannot recall the United being able to get past the Argentine.

Gaven – 6: Tireless two way wing play

Evans – 7: Played an excellent two way game as he was in very good position throughout the game. His goal was as good as it gets

Carroll – 6: Solid as usual. Picked up a cheap yellow card, but will be available for KC.

Rogers – 6: Unable to breakout against a tight defense for most of the game. Indecisive on a couple scoring chances.

Schelotto – 6: Corner and free kicks were dangerous but really unable to break the counter like he is able to.

Moreno –  6: He worked the DC back line relentlessly. Drew a couple of fouls in dangerous locations.

Oughton – 5: Nice to see him get a few late minutes.

Iro – 6: Solid in the air.

Noonan – NR: Just a few minutes of time to kill off the game.

Crew Man of the Match – Evans – He really seems to understand his role much better now.

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