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Playoff Game 1: Grades

November 3, 2008

Hesmer – 6: Solid game overall. He made the stops he could and the defense was well organized.

Hejduk – 6: Good play on the flank as he was solid in defense and almost stole a goal.

Marshall – 7: Another great game from Chad. Lopez had to move wide to make something happen.

O’Rourke – 6: Solid as Kansas City was kept to the periphery most of the night.

Padula – 6: Great defense; he may have been closest to Arnaud, but I felt that was Evans man. He could not get going on offense, as He and Rogers could not get in sync.

Gaven – 5: Marked out by the tight field. Was dangerous a couple times, but not enough to create much of a threat.

Carroll – 6: Cleaned up a lot of Evans’ messes. He was ever present in the midfield.

Evans – 3: A stinker best forgotten. He turned the ball over plenty in the midfield. His giveaway to Arnaud for the goal was compounded as he wandered on marking him for the goal.

Rogers – 4: He was dangerous at times as well, but he worked himself into danger far too often. Needs to play an earlier ball in tight spaces or shoot when he has a chance.

Schelotto – 5: Quiet night, Schelotto was not able to get the offense started as the Wizards shadowed him well.

Moreno – 5: Starved for service much of the night. Was unable to hold up the ball and setup the counter. He did chest the ball back to Lenhart (I am going to call it deliberate).

Lenhart – 7: He is the equalizer. He had one chance and he made it count.

Ekpo – NR: No chance to get into the game.

Crew Man of the Match – Lenhart: He made all the difference in the shortest time possible.

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