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Fado Notes: Getting It

November 7, 2008

I did not get to the rally last night at Easton in time to catch any of the festivities, but I did have a chance to go to Fado’s afterwards to check out the New England v. Fire game and hang out with some fellow Crew fans. I was glad I did. I met a couple of casual Crew fans who make it out to as many games as they can, people who started going to games at Ohio Stadium and found their way back to the team during this very special season.

I was also lucky to talk to another big fan of the Crew, General Manager and President Mark McCullers. You would think that being the head of the Crew would ensure he is fan of the team and the game and in this case you would be right. However it is not assured when sports is such big business (as it always has been).

I chatted with Mark a couple times during the evening about the team, fans, and front office. I could tell that he is a soccer fan and avidly studies the game. From discussing Igwe’s ball watching on Chicago’s first goal, Schelotto’s similarity to Del Piero, or how the Crew rank against past teams, he had an opinion on every topic. Talking to Mark was like talking to another fan.

I am impressed that his soccer sense pared with a keen business mind. He has brought in similarly minded people; people who care about the Crew, the supporters, and the atmosphere around this team; people who like him who “get it”. This season will soon be over win or lose, but I was glad I had the chance to buy him a beer and thank him for laying the foundation for a great season this year and those to come.

McCullers Enjoys the Game

Mark and I enjoy a beer (photo courtesy of author)

UPDATED: Post reworded for clarity.

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