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Playoff Pregame 2: Wizards @ Crew

November 8, 2008

Being pressed for time I am going to get right to it. Do or die time in the playoffs. The Crew looked the better of the two teams on the narrow pitch in Kansas City and Crew Stadium is going to play to their advantage.

Crew on Offense: With a wider field, I expect the Crew to use Rogers and Gaven to spread the field. The Wizards are going to expect this so they will be guarding against it. Here is where Schelotto and Evans need to make their mark. Schelotto is going find the space between the defenders and midfield. Evans is going to have to play a much better game tonight. He needs to turn defense into offense without turning the ball over.

Crew on Defense: Lopez made things happen in the first game. He will need to be shadowed as the Wizards offense works much better when he is involved. The Crew defense did a good job last week, but will need to guard against the counterattack that unfortunately led to the first goal.

Final Thought: The Crew have the talent to win. I fully expect them to play a quick passing and counterattacking game. With the fans behind them, I expect to see them finish of Kansas City with a multi goal barrage.

Wizards 1 – Crew 2

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