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Playoff Game 2: Grades

November 10, 2008

Hesmer – 6: Made the stop he needed to.

Hejduk – 6: Bottled up the Wizards flanks.

Marshall – 7: Kansas City fairly threatened with Chad patrolling the back line.

O’Rourke – 6: Worked well with Marshall to snuff out the few attacks that came.

Padula – 6: Great defense again, but he was not sharp early. He stayed home more than normal.

Gaven – 6: Played with his head up most of the game. He mad good decisions all game on offense and defense.

Carroll – 8: A beast in the middle. His passing was sharp, vision was superb, and he broke up countless attacks.

Evans – 5: He can get forward very well. I am still concerned when he has to play defense.

Rogers – 7: It took some time for Rogers to figure out Leathers, but once he did he took advantage of it. Great timing on the goal and well struck too.

Schelotto – 6: He only needs a minute to make a mark. His perfectly weighted pass sprung Moreno for the second goal.

Moreno – 7: Tireless. He tracked down long balls and took abuse doing it. He then reads Schelotto’s pass perfectly and crosses to a wide open Rogers to secure the game

Ekpo – 6: Made a few good moves and showed glimmers of his skill and intelligence as he worked the clock.

Iro – NR: One of two subs to kill off the clock and he did just that.

Hendrickson – NR: Time wasting sub that did just that.

Crew Man of the Match – Carroll: Stifled Kansas City while spurring the offense. Amazing work.

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