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Conference Finals Pregame: Fire @ Crew

November 13, 2008

It is finally gameday; only about 12 hours until the biggest home game in Crew history (OK, perhaps the Open Cup Final in 2002 was bigger). A trip to LA is on the line. With just that to play for, the atmosphere would be special, but consider these subplots:

  • Busch v. Sigi
  • Chris Rolfe back in the Buckeye state
  • 3 games, 3 regular time ties
  • Schelotto v. Blanco
  • 1st place v. 2nd place
  • A sold out Nordecke
  • McBride’s return

Beyond subplots in this game, I am not going to break down the key points as I think there is one key player the Crew needs tonight, team MVP Guillermo Barros Schelotto. The supremely talented forward also has one other undeniable attribute, he is a winner. I really did not believe that one man could make as much difference as he has. The Boca legend stripped down the losing culture in Columbus and has led the team to it’s best season ever.

If there is one reason why I think the Crew will win, it is Schelotto. He is Mr. Big Game Player. Do you think Chicago frightens him, no. He has faced off against River. He has won 18 titles. The man knows how to win. It is what he does. As long as the rest of the team does what it does to (to paraphrase Ale Moreno), the Crew will squeak through.

Chicago 1 – Crew 2

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