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Wilderness Days

November 14, 2008

The last three years have felt like being stuck in the wilderness. Cast out from civilization, because watching Knox Cameron, Marcus Storey, Eric Vasquez, and all of the other Crew players past certainly wasn’t civilized. That makes last night that much sweeter.

As I left the stadium last night, my mind wandered to those days at the end of 2005. I remember standing in the stadium on a cold November day for Coach Schmid’s open training and hoping that it was the beginning of something great. Something that would wipe the memory of Greg Andrulis, “supersub” Manny Lagos, and Tony Sanneh away. I did not realize it would take three years, almost to the day to realize it.

It was certainly worth the wait. I was wondering why I upgraded to a full season ticket package after the ineptitude of the 2006 season. I wondered why I renewed my tickets after the disappointment of the 2007 season. I guess I hoped something good was still happening. Hoping despite the lack of proof. That made this season and the current playoff run that much better. The Crew’s wilderness days are over.

Columbus Crew Vs Chicago Eastern Conference Championship

The Eastern Conference Champions (Sam Fahmi - Studio 79)


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