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All’s Well That Ends Well

November 24, 2008

My whirlwind trip to LA is coming to a close. I will be in airports most of the day, arriving after the team gets back. I did want to thank some of the best people this week. MLS supporters are a great community.

  • Thank you to the Angel City Brigade. They showed such great hospitality hosting hundreds of Crew supporters at their tailgate and standing next to us supporting the Crew. I even got an ACB scarf, looks very nice.
  • The Union Ultras deserve thanks as well for providing the beat that the Nordecke West needed. My ears are still ringing from the drums.
  • The Toronto FC supporters were a great bunch. They may not have been rooting for the Crew, but they were rooting against New York.
  • Thanks to all of the other supporters that cheered on the yellow soccer team. Don Garber may not like us, but it seemed everyone else did.

It has been a great trip. I will have more when I get back into town. It was my first away game and I had a blast.

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