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The Honeymoon is Over

December 8, 2008

Time marches on and the book is now firmly closed on the 2008 Columbus Crew. The 2009 season is a mere three months away and the foundation of last year’s team is about to be ripped up.

Chad Marshall is in Germany trialing with Mainz. I would imagine that some team will be offering him a big contract to move overseas. He is a young, technically gifted, and strong central defender. There are probably quite a few teams lining up to have look at him. Given his injury history, I am sure that he would not mind a big payday either.

Sigi Schmid is also coming back into town; he will be here on Wednesday. I imagine that this is to pack up his apartment before he is named the coach of the Seattle Sounders. Sounders technical director Chris Henderson had this to say last Friday:

We finished our interview process and now we’re getting poised to make the announcement of the new coach

Almost as if they were waiting to interview a coach who was busy until recently. I really cannot blame Coach Schmid if he heads back west, but he should not be claiming the Crew showed him a lack of respect as rumored. This is a team that gave him a third season when other organizations may have pushed him out after missing the playoffs in the first two.

It’s hard watching a championship team get pulled apart.

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  1. December 9, 2008 7:56 am

    The capitalists who control the means of production at Crew Stadium have decided to turn their foreman off the factory floor. Cheap labor is what keeps the bourgeois class in control. Sigi has become too expensive. The brothers and sisters of Crew Soccer Nation deserve better than to lose their Great Leader. The struggle will continue without him.

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